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Makerbot printing settlers of game pieces


Thank you Mark Lougheed and Project STRUIX for the donation

STRUIX is a physical computing architecture designed to facilitate intercommunicating multiprocessor, multiprogram, parallel computing applications based on the Amtel megaAVR microcontroller and the circular topology of the LilyPad Arduino. Mark’s leverages the Lilypad Arduino from fashion accessory into a number crunching, I/O increasing multi-processor platform.  It was developed, in part, for his to create a (relatively) […]

Onion Peel Dye Pot Success!

Who knew that yellow onion peels would produce such a gorgeous golden hue? (Images from Monday, March 7th craft night)

successful replication with the MakerBot

Hey Hackers.  Just thought I would share my success story with the new VHS MakerBot. Backstory:  Two days after purchasing a new cupcake holder one of the 4 corner snaps broke.   Rather than returning/exchanging the product, I decided to repair it. Designing:  Using a pair of digital calipers I measured and reproduced the part in […]

micro-hydro power bucket

Hello Hackers!   For a long time I have been fascinated by the thoughts of free and renewable energy.  My inspiration to build this device came from a cabin in the woods which was surrounded by tall trees which blocked out the sun and the wind.  This left me unable to put up solar panels or […]