YuKonstruct – hackspace up north

On a new years eve we have been visited by small group of people from Whitehorse, YT. They said they are opening a hack space and they wanted to take look at ours so they will have better idea of what can be done, what are the possibilities. At first I have to admit that I thought that they are going to hack with moose and bears but as it turned out for the opening night they had over 220 people !!!. That is really impressive. If you will look into Whitehorse wiki page, you will see that the population is only 23 000. Having over 200 people at the start is impressive, having this many in small town like that is unbelievable. Well done. I encourage you to visit their website –¬†http://yukonstruct.ca/ .

But the good news do not stop there. They already got a good dose of attention by sending a balloon in to the edge of space, just take look at that РCBC News 

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