VHS QGM Jan 26 2014 – Sunday


Its that time again for the next VHS QGM
If you have a topic that you want added to the agenda please email the list ASAP !

Cut off date for new business is 19th of Jan. (one week before)
Please make a new vhs-members list post about all new business before the meeting so we can talk about it.

Notes for this meeting:

Notes from last meeting: (QGM Oct 27th Sunday)


  • Electing a Secretary, and Chair to host the meeting.
  • Adoption of rules of order – Explanation of how the meeting will be operated.
  • Report of the directors/members (NO NEW BUSINESS)
    • Treasure – John C,
    • Membership – Tyson
  • Old business (from our last QGM)
    • Laser committee – Richard, Adam,
    • Luke is looking for recycling solution.
  • New business
    • 2 year lease for 270 East 1st
    • Spring clean in late March
    • DJJeff for banning from the physical space
    • Vancouver Tool Library (VTL)
    • Laser Ventilation Upgrade
    • VHS Vouchers
    • 3d printer & cnc mill training courses
    • What is “critical” infrastructure

270 East 1st (the bunker)

Jan 26 2014 – Sunday, Noon

Members only

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