EL Project Workday

WHO:  Anyone who knows or wants to know anything about EL Wire/Tape
WHAT:   A Geektastic Version of the ol’ Show-and-Shine
WHEN: Sunday, 22 Decemer 15:00-19:00
WHERE:  The Bunker [270 East 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC, Canada]
WHY:     ….   … …   cuz it’s shiny?
BOTTOMLINER:   Miststlkr
A chaotic and disorganized afternoon of working, planning, teaching, showing off, tomfoolery and general chicanery using on EL wire and tape.
Come one, come all.   We need people of all skill levels and of none at all to come out and play with EL wire and EL Tape projects.  Bring out your EL Bike, your Tron cosplay, whatever you have and show it off.  It will be an afternoon of learning, bragging, and experimentation.  I will be there from 3PM-7PM, other may volunteer to keep it running as late as they wish.  Yes, this is the last Sunday before Christmas.   Wouldn’t you rather be safe in The Bunker than braving the malls anyway?
Event might be proceeded by a group-buy to get anyone interested the supplies to get started and old hands restocked.  If interested in trying to get a group buy together, check out the thread on the VHS-General mailing list to express interest.  We can all use more lights around the holidays!!
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