November 16 – Artemis SBS Day

VHS is having an Artemis SBS session on Saturday, November 16. Artemis SBS is a spaceship bridge simulator designed to work with several players on the same network, in the same ship.

Essentially, you can act as a member of the bridge crew of a starship. We will run at least two separate bridges within the space, making both Co-op and PVP avail able.

For those unfamiliar with Artemis, it has been described as a Star Trek simulator, without the branding. Players can play as one of six positions on a bridge: Helm, Weapons, Science, Comms, Engineering, and Captain. Every crewmember is an asset to the ship, however only Helm and Weapons is necessary for a functional bridge. Each bridge connects to a server which also serves as the first bridge’s viewscreen, and up to six bridges can be connected to a single server.

Artemis runs in limited 3D space. It moves the full size of the map along a flat plane, and has very limited elevation.


  1. A laptop
    If the laptop is not a Windows machine, Artemis will not run natively. Artemis IS portable to mac via wineskin and efforts will be made to provide a port for the event
  2. A charger
    Dead computers = dead ship

Useful Tools:

    1. A mouse
      Very useful. Trackpads, while they do work, are not very good for this.
    2. A Touchscreen
      If your laptop has a touchscreen, or if you have external touchscreens, these are great for most stations. The entire interface is usually pretty good with touch.
    3. Flight controls
      Any form of USB-based analog stick is great for Artemis. Joysticks and throttles add the whole flight control aspect, but steering wheels and pedals work just as well.
    4. Snacks
      Snacks are good

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