These days we’re all accustomed to plugging (or not) ourselves into a network and getting down to business on the internet.  As you would expect, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make this work.  Once you start to connect arduinos and such you start to need to know more about how it works and how to make it work for you.

I’m planning to run a technical talk/lab on June 19 covering the basics of Ethernet, IPv4 and such.  I’ll hopefully have time to cover TCP, otherwise we can make a second session.  I’ll try to sprinkle the session with examples you can do on your laptop.

I’d like to see this continue up the stack, perhaps someone else can offer to cover HTTP and protocols that run over it like SOAP etc?  And perhaps someone else for IPv6 on another day?

Participants will need a laptop with an ethernet port running either windows or linux/bsd with wireshark installed (  If you have a viable alternative to wireshark, you’re welcome to run OSX.  If you’re using tcpdump then this talk is too basic for you!

Since June 2000 I’ve been working on internet/ethernet test and measurement systems both in Australia and here for Agilent Technologies and Ixia.  Hopefully I’ll be able to bring some test gear along.

Where: VHS
When:  Wednesday 19, June, 7:30pm
Why: Because people need to know !
Who: Everyone, members, and non members, guests, anyone.