3D Printer, CNC and CAM Night, Wednesday May 1 2013

The last 3D printer meeting was so much fun we’re doing it again, but extending to include all things CNC and CAM also!

Bring your printer, bring your enthusiasm, bring your questions, bring your curiosity, bring a snack. We’ll be talking about the future and learning from each other. Come see what the molten edge of technology is all about.

Goals for next month’s meeting:

  • Get the Makerbot running
  • Get SolidWorks up and running so we can design and print a part on the spot
  • Document the processes for using Makerbot and Tantillus in the Wiki so people can learn on their own
  • Finish the Prusa sitting above the arcade cabinet?
  • Learn how to use the small CNC milling machine
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4 comments on “3D Printer, CNC and CAM Night, Wednesday May 1 2013
  1. Interested in attending this workshop as I have a need for making small molds for nylon items.

    My shop is involved in the repair and restoration of pinball and other arcade games…


    John :-#)#

  2. mark says:

    Hi I am really interested in coming for this event, I am a new owner of a makerbot x2 and would really like to more in depth knowledge of 3d printing. I am also interested int he lyman extruder that I saw in the front page of the website. Was that made here in Vancouver hackspace?

    And how do I attend the above event? Do I need to be a registered member?

  3. The Lyman is a new group project. Please read the Wiki to find out the current status and how you can help.

    Anyone can come. No registration necessary.

  4. Gerald says:

    am interested in seeing what others are doing with their 3d printers. finished building my reprappro mendel recently and looking for others with the same printer