Vancouver Ingress cross-faction Meetup – Tuesday Feb 12th

Come one, come all to the first second Vancouver Ingress cross-faction Meetup on Tuesday, February 12th at 7:30PM.  This event will be held at the Vancouver Hack Space – 45 West Hastings St.  Instructions on how to get to VHS are on the website.

Ingress is spreading in popularity, and has a very strong base of experienced and newb Vancouver players.  Let’s take the chat out of Comms and IRC and bring it into the real world in a cool tech/hack environment.

I propose that we have speakers from the group talk about the following topics:

  • The Niantic Project storyline: and how it relates to what we are doing in the field
  • Summary of game dynamics and item usage
  • We can talk about some of our IRL Ingress setups: bike mounts, extra batteries, external chargers, gps tricks
  • A few of us were talking about making stencils on the laser cutter of the faction logos – maybe we could have some pre-made for the evening and do t-shirts or chalktagging portals in the city
  • Later in the evening we could split into two factions and have a turf war?  See which side can gather the most AP or the most MU in a set period of time.

Bottom-liner: fishboy51:L4_EN

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3 comments on “Vancouver Ingress cross-faction Meetup – Tuesday Feb 12th
  1. fishboy says:

    No – not related but similar. I didn’t realize there was already an ingress meet scheduled for this weekend. The VHS one will be a social meetup, but will also have some talks, show off some gear, and will introduce ingress agents to the hackspace.