What’s being made on the laser cutter this week?

Just made this afternoon:

1. A small acrylic X-mas tree (a hackable variation of which is soon to be scaled up and hung upside down from the ceiling at VHS)

2.  Acrylic dice created using a parametric box generator that Funvill found.

Both of these creations were solvent welded using methylene chloride that Loial sourced out and brought in.  Solvent welding literally adds another dimension to the designs that are possible with laser cut acrylic.  Thanks Loial!

Want to laser cut your own designs?  Become a member and then sign up for one of our laser cutter classes (class dates are announced on the VHS members email list).

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One comment on “What’s being made on the laser cutter this week?
  1. I have a suggestion for making it decorative and usefull..hmm should collaborate. thinking in two directions on the mod.