How to run VHS, A night on administration – 7:30pm 17th Oct, 2012 (Wednesday)

I want to teach as many people the inter operations of VHS, how to do the administration, ect.
I want to build the procedures and update the wiki with this information.
  • How do I add an event to the Calendar, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter?
  • Starting up and shitting down the space.
    • Where is the light switch?
    • Windows, doors, ect.
  • How to Add/Remove someone from the members mailing list?
  • How to expense claim space
    • Request for consumables
  • Garbage and recycling
    • How to do E-Waste bins.
  • What is the contact info for the landloard.
  • Where the procedures live and how to edit the wiki
    • Google docs, DropBox, Wiki, ect..
  • What goes on each mailing list, general or members
  • How to use the overhead projectors
If anyone wants to attend this night and learn how to do the administration.
You can also ask any questions about how the space is run.
VHS, (45 west Hastings)
7:30pm 17th Oct, 2012
YOU!, All members should know this information, Anyone else, open to all people.
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