Entries for October, 2012

Crypto Party – November 3rd, 7pm till late

“Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world.” – Cypherpunk Manifesto, 1993. Data retention, wiretapping, interception, stalking.. Make it really f&*^ing hard for them! —–BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY—– ty8xLMIIEowIBAAKCAQEArmkP2lNe9A87PfX5Xg1EewDiCzGLkSOuKAbA3y2ZQ0C 2BBeg2khGVLqBf0OSBuKDDwYmv6J1mjJbgP3cIPBclQkDd9XVGFfvhHsMVNKCgpv xf5lkPcnPEbz3pmXilW8dkFn9/Q/LaBxVUR6g6Utci4vcddwEJaIHx3MaPKGSG4q DvnwUgwhmEeI/HKqICitnWtas3K5xK7SIkVKrmS6th2qYgGj/aGNckF8b/PihGjY qGhGGbHaalyjePo2OflxvCq3GKPOwo3US3nY9mzrXfuCiPGrkFeqKiLKOcXkTmJS lbl4mUJrnvBJaqBUxnPGff+RjHri9BSWai9rdU99ZCwIDAQABAoIBADx8IwtMLnn 5NZKel7yOTVl7DOlk3UoQXa1z6h976NLx81PiHcwtlHZ917sS6+mHVHw5XebHqJE eglgHd2DU+saUwacleSlgFaiUI8qm1qwE+mSg7OmAu1cjeZ8zZkj8p/wPuY2xlJE L6u53jzZY9FdQwbv9+VIzxw7cVBUC03DJLgNrTn3ckKEzc3Kriib+z9rI/GCELu1 s2v/xfH/kkGLRqE7KCk77Hh3/STAxySam3MonvN0XlRM8A1gIW94tyEAbmoLxbOC xcLX1YaV3Cxi9ACC4PdydA0Ypsrf4VEN7ETRKH7iTiYBAUZ7LudfESGZXfGP1GDU oZFzxIBtOa8ECgYEA1bUbWUeJ7+WfDa8JmmIa8mLb5M59gFgh4J9IDNJx8ZNrRNu nwtrjAIfDIYMqmooaof7YgsxgLz+ZcU| |Jh751ms0wkds3Snl+6qBy/3HnI48qb jnjkjdadap/ __| ‘__| | | | ‘_ \| __/ _ […]

Super Happy Hacker House 24 – Nov 11, 2012 @ 7:30-late

Hear ye hear ye. All countrymen and ladies are welcome to attend the VHS biquarterly event known as the Super Happy Hacker House. This event is the XXIV SHHH, and will celebrate hacking in the glorious City of Vancouver. Bring your ideas, smiles and good friends down to VHS to celebrate with the hacking masses. If […]

Pyramid Head Costume

A Pyramid Head Costume that one of our members made.    

How to run VHS, A night on administration – 7:30pm 17th Oct, 2012 (Wednesday)

What:  I want to teach as many people the inter operations of VHS, how to do the administration, ect. I want to build the procedures and update the wiki with this information. How do I add an event to the Calendar, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter? Starting up and shitting down the space. Where is the light switch? Windows, […]

Mooooooooose Made on the Laser cuter.

Cut on VHS’s Laser cutter, The Moose Head Jewelry Stand up-sized to live size. Made by fishboy.

Pictures from the Lithium Charger Build Night

Pictures from the Lithium Charger Build Night, Lithium Charger Build v2 instruction sheet.     I will provide the schematic, build guidelines and setup instructions, plus any parts that are not already at VHS. You will need to bring a DC power adapter of 7.5-9V and at least 800mA rating. If you can only find an […]

Geocaching and Geo Coin night.

What:  We are giving a workshop on the basics of geocaches at VHS. During this workshop we will cover the following topics. What is geocaching? What do I need and how is the game played? Where do I find a list of geocaches? What are the rules of geocaching? What are Trackables? We will also bring some geocache examples and […]

Quarterly General Meeting, 13:00 October 28 2012

As voted at the last AGM, The VHS is now holding quarterly GMs.  The next GM is 13:00 October 28 at the VHS.  All SMART voting proposals must be submitted to the agenda by the 14th so that members can have time to discuss them on the members-only mailing list.  The quarterly GM will feature […]

Introduction to Soldering

Are you worried your wiring fixes might not be the safest?  Come to the VHS and learn about soldering, flux, helping hands, heat shrink, and how to tell good soldering from bad.  If there’s enough interest we’ll run a second class right after the first.  Remember: keep your tip clean! Please RSVP to aggrav8d chez […]

Introduction to Arduino

Back by popular demand! Who: YOU!  If you can climb two flights of stairs, you’re welcome.  For the rest of you, we’ll find a way to accomodate. What: We bring everything.  You bring a cup!  Learn about Arduino, circuits, and programming through hands-on learning at your own speed.  Maximum 20 people, so please RSVP to […]