What’s going on @ VHS, September 2012

Robert, a skillsaw, and I added a new shelf, designated EL-E. That’s (theoretically) room for ~20 more shoe boxes full o stuff. Special thanks to Tim and everyone who came out to the “How to Patent II” night for their patience with our noisy equipment. Notice how much room there is on the electronics bench? Let’s try to keep it that way. If you find something that doesn’t have a home, put it in the 2 week bin. If you think it should have a home, label it with an address.

Did you know?  VHS has an address system for most stocked materials in the space.  Ask someone about it next time you visit and then you’ll know how to find the things you need.

How do they deal with dishes in other hackspaces? I’m the dish guy @ VHS and, frankly, I’m tempted to donate them to the sally anne and supply paper cups at $0.25/ea donation. It would eliminate the dirty cups hygiene challenge, free up space in the kitchen, encourage the “pack it in, pack it out” rule, and generate revenue for the space – all while being environmentally friendly. Discuss in the comments below!

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