Some people have round asses and some people have flat asses. If you’ve never been able to find a pair of hot pants to fit your very special ass, this hot pants party is your chance to learn how to customise some hot pants!

WHAT: Bring a pair of your own booty shorts / tighty whities / underwear to use as a pattern. If you own large scissors, bring ’em. We’ve got fabric for up to 10 ten people, so please RSVP to to secure your spot, or bring your own fabric. By donation.

WHEN: Monday, April 16th. 7:30pm

WHERE: VHS located at 45 West Hastings. Entrance is through the back alley.

WHY: Parties, and many other occasions, are much more fun with hot pants. This party is to encourage people to get together, make hot pants, giggle, and get excited for Dr. Malabar’s Circus Spectacular; a fundraiser for Vancouver Mini Maker Faire.

Also, tickets for the Circus Spectacular went on sale today so, head over get yours. They are sure to go quickly so, don’t wait and tell your friends.