A brand new


  •  80 watts of cutting power, capable of cutting up to 1″ in certain materials
  • 39″ x 30″ (100cm x 80cm) bed, with the possibility to feed through larger pieces of material
  • Driver type: Micro Stepping Motor
  • Max speed: 1000mm/s
  • Resolution: 2500 DPI
  • Location precision: < 0.01mm
  • air assist nozzle
  • sight laser for easier alignment of cuts
  • industrial water cooler and fume extraction system
  • hackable and upgradeable…
I would like to thank all the members of the laser committee for taking part. It was a n excellent experience to be working with a great set of minds to make this happen. Specially, I would like to thank Richard and Behram for really stepping up and taking charge. Behram conducted a great deal of research and prevented us from buying a significantly overpriced laser. Richard was very diligent and coordinated the purchase and shipping of this laser at significant savings (over %50 of retail value).