General space meeting – March 17th Saturday 1pm

We need to have a general space meeting

This is NOT an AGM, this is a general space meeting where we will talk about the direction on where we should head next.
Things we could talk about:

  • Moving to a new space.
    • Should we bother or just strive to keep the space open as much as possible
    • Should we wait for GNW,
    • Should we start the mad hunt for the new space.
    • Where are we going to put the laser?
  • New members
    • How to get them up to speed on the space,
    • Updating documentation.
  • New regular nights
    • Keeping the space open as much as possible,
    • Thursday is working great, can we add a weekend day on a rotating schedule ?
  • More talks
    • We should start inviting people in from outside our organization to do talks at our space.
    • We should try to make sure that we have a new talk at lest once a week.
    • Lets fill out the calendar for the next few months.
  • Redundancy on our services
    • I’m pretty sure that only me and robbat2 know how to update/operate the router.
    • Twitter, facebook, wordpress, Google calendar
  • Group projects for maker faire
    • Maybe we could get a few groups together and get several different VHS group projects together for Maker Faire this year. A group of 3-5 people can build something more impressive then a single individual.
  • Anything else…

* Just to entice people to come out and we will be taking a Hackspace group picture for the blog of all the members.  *

Where: VHS
When:  March 17th Saturday 1pm
Who: everyone that is involved with VHS


Meeting notes: 

Arthur(to the list!)>Mondays are only every other monday; confusing new people, who can take the other mondays regularly, prod list for people to commit to saturdays being open
Steven>calendar updates -> needs to be auto reposted to FB, twitter, etc when someone makes a google cal. update
Dan>add contact info the the space’ home page, who takes ownership of the contact point? members email list?
Dallas>revise membership structure, lower entry barrier, 35-40$ keyholders? (20-40-80$ ?)
Arthur>mount weight on the key spool
Jeff>follow up with Robin about the ID printer – member id’s would be sweeeet (discount at Lee’s)
Dallas>laser cutter to the Hackery? Dans?
Richard> space wanted post on our site
?>space moving group (steven, dan, jeff, others!) req; must have a space-stuff-rules policy in place and enforce it so we don’t move one pile of parts to another pile of parts
Steven>update the space wiki, dbase
Arthur>new members docs, print + place at space (a la MF playbook) (dev; PDF posted to members list) needs info about reading/contributing to the spaces online presense (FB, twitter, etc), needs contact info and congrats-youre-a-member-heres-what-to-do instructions
Jeff>bug ppl about the door sensor, push it to the website
Arthur> John, please tell the person, and the members, that that person is now a member
Dallas/John>Wufo solution ($15/mo)
Arthur>give dan one of those diaphram vacuum pumps for his exhibit
Richard>MF group projects thread
Steven> think about the Cascade train to Portland, power req’s, cheaper rates for renting the entire train car(38 ppl), cheaper for groups (15 people)
Arthur>install the blower and ducting (next thursday)
Arthur>make a list post; 3d printer commitee for second print
Brom>group purchase template creating, push to Steven for impl.
Dallas>soap making night? $30 incl. materials for workshop with his contact, Hack-home-ed.

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