Practical intro to computer security – Thursday, 22nd, March, 2012


We are going to have a intro to practical computer security forced on “How to use it and why” instead of “How it works and why it is good”. These talks will be directed a people with good computer experience that want to learn more about how to securely communicates and protect there data.

Topics will include

  • TOR, VPN
  • Full disk encryption
  • Phone encryption,
  • Secure chat
  • PGP and signing
  • SSH tunneling, OTR for IM
  • ect…

Where: VHS
When: 7:30-10pm Thursday 22nd of March
Who: People who are computer illiterate but want to learn more about security
Why: Its dangerous times and we need to learn how to protect our selfs.

Notes from the night vhs_infosec_seminar

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