Call for Artists VNM Festival 2012

The Vancouver New Music Festival 2012 will be dedicated to hacking electronics and glitch

The term glitch is generally used to describe a short-lived fault in a system, or a break from a flow within a system, which was designed to work as a coherent entity and to follow its set of objectives.

With this in mind we are looking for local artists interested in presenting their artifacts as an example of their repurposing of technology in the production of new sounds or new performance instruments. We welcome applications that show original and creative transformations of consumer electronic technology for alternative use both in the form of new “instruments” or tools for other artistic or interactive practices. Please send a short description of your work and its possible use together with 2 pictures and a short sample in mp3 format to Giorgio: by April 30, 2012. Only authors of selected projects will be contacted to arrange presentation/performances during the VNM Festival • October 18-19-20, 2012.
*noise, as music, is to be lived, no longer stockpiled*

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