Bioluminescent Algae Demo – Thursday, 23 Feb, 2012 @ 7pm

Biolesce is an art project exploring bioluminescent dinoflagellates through physical computing.  The dinoflagellates emit light when physically agitated (moved). We will discuss this work-in-progress, the various configurations tried out thus far, and a demonstration of a simple arrangement of motors and dinoflagellates.

Where: 45 W. Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC
When: Thursday, 23 Feb, 2012 @ 7pm

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2 comments on “Bioluminescent Algae Demo – Thursday, 23 Feb, 2012 @ 7pm
  1. Derek Jacoby says:

    sweet! Wish I were in town this week. Lots of recent discussion of dinoflagellate growth media on the DIYbio boston list lately.

  2. Stephen Young says:

    If you expose them to light, do they move? I.e., is it a reversible process?

    Can I bring a small spectrometer to check their emitted wavelengths or has it been done already?