I’m really digging the first test drawing that the new plotbot squeezed out from it’s steppers. The image it created on the paper was generated by a couple of different tweaks to the AFMotor+AccelStepper example code.

This plotbot is made up of two PF35T-48 steppers being driven by an arduino & adafruit motor shield.

Future improvements include a servo to control the penup/pendown commands, a MakerBot’d gondola, and some sweet code to make it dance on the paper. I’ll be bringing this drawing machine to the Meet Your Makers event on March 15 @ the Museum of Vancouver.

… oh. and the glowy thing in the bottom-right corner of the first picture is a 5m section of adafruit’s digital addressable RGB LED strip. So much fun to play with, and it comes on a badass radioactive reel!