What’s going on in the Space, January 2012?

2012 is already a great year with so many amazing projects at the Vancouver Hack Space!

Automated manufacturing is huge at the ‘space.  The Sherline mill is now being debugged & calibrated.  I can barely wait to learn how to use it!  Meanwhile Peter is building a Skycam style CNC machine for light painting, John is working hard on a quadrature encoded delta robot with machine vision, and I’m converting my Delta robot to use stepper motors instead of hobby servos.

Sherline mill - amateurs beware!

Makerbot & Spool

Makerbot MK6 Stepstruder

Do you like 3D printing?  So do we!  Derek was showing off his Prusa printed squirrel with 0.1mm layer height.  The layers are so small that it almost looks vacuum molded.  Colin is carefully hand-crafting a controller for his Mendel.  Watching him solder is like your moment of Zen.  So meticulous and peaceful.  On the other side of the table, JF was printing a sweet new keychain on the Makerbot, which also got a gojira sized spool for dispensing ABS.  Good thing, too – that machine is available to anyone with a model to print and is ridiculously popular.  Did you know we’ve got enough printers now that we could have a race?

Crafts and fashion galore!

So much material to make with... *wipes drool*

All Signs point to VHS

Intrigued?  Come for a visit on our Tuesday open nights.  Luke took the VHS el-wire sign out of storage and rigged it near the window as a friendly welcome sign for new visitors. Just follow the foot-tall purple letters to our door and ring the bell.  We’ll grill you like the french kuhniggits and then lower a key to you.  Concerned you’ll get lost on the way?  Give us a call (+1-778-785-5982) and one of the members will be happy to escort you safely to our door.


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