Whoa!  Halloween is just a few weeks away!
Do YOU have a costume yet?

If no, you should come to VHS on Oct 17th and build/hack/sew/glue/print/solder/paint/make one!  Or find something exciting in the costume exchange pile. If yes, congratulations on your foresight.  Come to VHS and get some ideas for next year!

Costume Build Night and Costume Exchange
Monday, October 17th
BYO costume making materials

Do you have potential costume pieces that are just taking up space in your closet?  Bring ’em in.   No costume wants to be stuck in the closet on Halloween.

And as an added bonus, I’ll give tutu-making lessons to anyone who needs a tutu.  And doesn’t everyone need a tutu?  Or another tutu? Tutu materials $20.  Or bring some heavy-duty elastic and at least 3 meters of tulle and I’ll show you for free.