Entries for October, 2011

Stepper Motor Night

Stepper Motors – demystified. Karl, our in-house electronics guru, will give us a tour of Stepper Motors. How they work, how to drive them, and how to incorporate them into rad projects. We will discuss Unipolar vs. Bipolar steppers, steps per revolution, microstepping, torque, stepper drivers, and probably many other items relating to steppers and […]

Costume Build Night and Costume Exchange – Monday, October 17th

Whoa!  Halloween is just a few weeks away! Do YOU have a costume yet? If no, you should come to VHS on Oct 17th and build/hack/sew/glue/print/solder/paint/make one!  Or find something exciting in the costume exchange pile. If yes, congratulations on your foresight.  Come to VHS and get some ideas for next year! Costume Build Night and Costume Exchange Monday, […]