Thank you Mark Lougheed and Project STRUIX for the donation

STRUIX is a physical computing architecture designed to facilitate intercommunicating multiprocessor, multiprogram, parallel computing applications based on the Amtel megaAVR microcontroller and the circular topology of the LilyPad Arduino.

Mark’s leverages the Lilypad Arduino from fashion accessory into a number crunching, I/O increasing multi-processor platform.  It was developed, in part, for his to create a (relatively) inexpensive, field deployable, high performance controller system and instrumentation.

You can check Project STRUIX  at
There are a bunch of tutorials and downloads that will be useful for other Arduino projects as well.

  • The PowerPad provides regulated power to the STRUIX stack.  It can supply up to 1A at 3.3v and also terminates the I2C buss.  It even has built-in reverse polarity protection.  Connection to the main unregulated power supply (6v to 18v) is made through a screw terminal block.
  • The STRUIX XBEE provides a wireless connection to the STRUIX CPU and can be used for programming, data transfer or whatever you need a wireless connection for.
  • The ProtoPad One board is used in developing prototype circuits for the STRUIX system.  ProtoPad One is the building block for circuits NOT requiring a connection to the main board serial programming port – so there is an extra row of holes.
  • ProtoPad II is similar to ProtoPad One, but adds a central header connection that lines up with the programming pins on STRUIX CPU boards.  This enables you to stack circuits directly on top of the CPU that use the serial port.

If there are members/followers out there is interested in creating their own STRUIX system, Mark donated 4 complete sets of circuit boards to the hackspace for your building pleasure.

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One comment on “Thank you Mark Lougheed and Project STRUIX for the donation
  1. Nishant says:

    Donations are always appreciated, especially when its to build something. So even I thank you mark for this :)