Entries for May, 2011

Rubber-band powered airplane, Tuesday (May 31)

Have you ever wanted to build a little rubber-band powered airplane that actually flies? At the upcoming miniMakreFaire, I will be doing workshops, teaching folks how to make a flying model. BUT, if you want a private preview, this coming Tuesday (May 31), I will be at the Hackspace, and if you want to build […]


Super Happy Hacker House Fifteen concluded! A huge thanks to everyone who made it out. For those who missed it, here’s a quick recap of the night’s lightning talks; Monome, “Hippywood” How to Run an Election Campaign, “get a real mailbox people!” Bitcoin, “Harper is irrelevent” Eight Months With a Backpack, “All you need; food, […]

Jeff Del Papa visit on May 17

Jeff Del Papa of Junkyard Wars is in town and he’s going to be coming by VHS to do his talk about “The Making of Maker TV”.  It should be a good talk, especially if you’ve ever seen the original UK Junkyard Wars or the US version.  The talk should be 90 Minutes in length. […]

Super Happy Hacker House 15

Come down to Vancouver Hack Space this Saturday, May 7, for Super Happy Hacker House 15! Bring a project you’re working on, or just come down and find out what all the hackers, crafters, and makers are working on. Bring beer, too, if that’s your thing. Doors will be open by 7pm. Lightning talks start […]