Monday, February 14th is Mending Night.


We’re going to have sewing machines, thread, needles, patches, music, and all kinds of interesting ideas.  If you want to come out and fix the holes in your sweater or add more buttons to your jacket, this is the night to work through it!  Starting at 7pm.  Email emily(at) for more details.

I am a meat popsicle.

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One comment on “Monday, February 14th is Mending Night.
  1. FTW says:

    not quite sure i understand what you guys/gals are about… tonight while filming downtown ran into a gentleman who had el lights on his bike. i have invented what i believe is the worlds first electric wheelbarrow. i do my own silk screening, wood fabricating, air brushing and sewing along with my passion of gardening. am i barking up the right tree? ha ha get the refernce? gardening. tree. any hoo my number is 604 250 8246 would love to get a little more this an organized criminal group or pro positive, make the world a better place group? either way is okey dokey