Making Jewellery At the Vancouver Hack Space

The laser cutter at VHS is totally free for members to use, once they go through a quick training course, and is an amazing tool.

It’s unintimidating and easy-to-use, fast, and versatile. It can be used in so many different ways.

Here’s how to make a dinosaur-bone necklace in under a day, by someone with no prior experience in these techniques.

The original design is from here:

Those files are for 3D printers though, and we want to convert them to a laser cutter format. After mentioning that to some VHS members that were just hanging around, about three people started working on the problem and had it solved in a few minutes. Here are the laser cutter versions (right click->save as).

After about 10 minutes of playing with sizes (those files will print a huge necklace, you have to adjust to your taste), all of the pieces were printed, and it was time for the hard part:

Putting them on chain. This is a first-time attempt, and it seemed to work great!

Still took a couple hours:


Here it is on a tissue base for transportation and the best damn birthday gift ever!

Everyone should have a t-rex necklace to call their own.

Still intimidated? We have quick-and-easy woodcut art already prepared! Make your own, and take it home.

Twilio night – Thursday July 23, 2015 @7:30pm


Twilio is a online server that allows you to send SMS (Text messages) and voice calls via a API. The Vancouver Hackspace uses this services to operate the door intercom. Many VHS members use their service in their projects and businesses. Their API is very clean and easy to use making it a great API to lean from.

During this night Steven Smethurst we be giving a short talk about the services that Twilio provides. We will also go though some examples of where Twilio is currently being used. If there is interest we will be walking thought a simple hello world style application written in php that uses the Twilio API.

Not required but it is suggested that you bring a laptop with your favorite programming language capable of making HTTP REST request. Libraries have been created for most of the major programming language


7:30 pm  – Thursday July 23. 2015


#104 – 1715 Cook street – The Vancouver Hackspace 


Anyone and everyone, guests, members, visitors anyone that would like to know more about Twilio. Donations to the space would be greatly appreciated but not required.


Its good to learn new technologies and keep your skills current.



TALK post:

Photos from the Fairy door workshop

This week Steven Smethurst ( hosted the Magic/Fairy door workshop at the Vancouver hackspace (VHS). This workshop was made possible with a grant from the Vancouver Foundation, and Vancouver HackSpace (VHS).

Steven Smethurst and Tyson Haverkort designed ~24 different styles of fairy doors for the workshop. They iterated on the different designed several times until they selected three of the best designs. ~90 doors were cut, and primed with paint before the event. 30 people from the local community where invited to the Vancouver Hackspace where they each got a few doors to decorate. Paint, glue, glitter, tools, and other magical art supplies where provided by the Vancouver Hackspace. A website has been created that lets people add the location of their fairy doors to a map with pictures and comments.


‘J’ selecting magical items for the magic/fairy door workshop at @vhs. #vfnsg #kids #arts #craft #door #fairydoor

A photo posted by Steven Smethurst (@funvill) on


Two more doors. Made at the #magic/#fairydoor workshop at @vhs. #vfnsg #kids #arts #craft #mountpleasant

A photo posted by Steven Smethurst (@funvill) on

Everyone is hard at work. #magic/#fairydoor workshop at @vhs. #vfnsg #kids #arts #craft #door #mountpleasant

A photo posted by Steven Smethurst (@funvill) on

Two more amazing doors. Made at the #magic/#fairydoor workshop at @vhs. #vfnsg #kids #arts #craft #door #mountpleasant

A photo posted by Steven Smethurst (@funvill) on

KiCad Summer Nights

KiCad PCBInterested in KiCad? Join us for any or all of our four weekly KiCad nights and we’ll all work together on designing schematics, picking part footprints and laying out boards! This will be a cooperative workgroup experience, not an instructor led workshop.

Who: Anyone with an interest in KiCad and a computer it might run on. Novices and experts welcome.

When: Wednesday nights, 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM (or so), July 29, Aug 5, Aug 12, and Aug 19.

Where: VHS, 104-1715 Cook St Vancouver, BC V5Y 3J6

Questions? Join us on our forum/mailing list.


Geocaching and Hackspaces

SHHH: Super Happy Hacker House 36!

Saturday, July 25th

It has been over 6 months that VHS has moved into its new home on 1715 Cook street, and now that the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire is out of the way, its time for another open house and social night!

Open House (Noon – 5pm)
Never been to a hack space before? Dying to see VHS’ new space? This is the perfect time to visit! VHS members will give you a tour around the space, show off some cool projects, and answer any questions you have.

Many of our members share an interest in 3D printers, laser cutting, machining, crafting, electronics, robotics, programming, electronic music, and art. We welcome enthusiastic amateurs, or anyone with something interesting to share!

A BBQ will available on VHS’ roof patio, so you can bring your own grillables.

Super Happy Hacker House (7:30pm – Late)
Super Happy Hacker House (SHHH) is a social night where members, friends and guests gather for a social night of conversation, adult beverages, lightning talks, and super happy hacker games.

Show and Tell (All day)
Have you made something amazing? Are you in the process of building something that will become amazing? Are you just starting out and want to talk to people about your amazing idea? Come down to VHS and tell us about it. Bring your projects!

Lightning talks – (11PM).

A lightning talk is VHS’ version of an un-conference, where people do short presentation on any subject that they want. Unlike other presentations at conferences, lightning talks last only a few minutes (2 min or less) and friendly heckling is encouraged. Challenge coins will given out to the people doing talks.

A video of some previous lightning talks

Our sponsor has donated beer for the event, which will be available after 7:30pm.

Remember to **BRING YOUR OWN CUP** if you want to drink beverages at the space.

Read a great Georgia Straight article about one of our previous open houses/SHHH!

1715 Cook Street, Buzzer #104
Vancouver, BC

Limited street parking is available just outside the space. Bikes can be parked in our loading bay for the night or locked up on the bike racks outside the front door.

This map shows all the parking and amenities around the new space.

July 25th (Saturday) from 12:00 Noon till late (2-3 am)

Everyone! Hackers, Makers, Crafters, Kids, Guests, Members, Friends of VHS, Anyone and Everyone.

If you are under the age of majority (19) then you should bring your parent or guardian with you as well. For those of legal drinking age (19), VHS will have donated beer for the adult-only event that will be available after 7:30pm.

Because it is awesome!





Learn you some Git & GitHub!


Mystified by the ‘Pull Request’ button on GitHub?

Confused by merging, rebasing, committing, pulling, and pushing?

Want to learn a bit more about Git and GitHub?

Come on down! Sean Hagen will be teaching you how to use Git, including some awesome gems that have saved his bacon in the past.

About Git:

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.

The Vancouver Hackspace
1715 #104 Cook street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015 @ 8pm

Anyone and everyone is welcome. If you are younger than 18 please bring your parent or guardian with you

There will be a $5 workshop fee.
Please RSVP on Picatic

VHS Open Nights for post-Maker Faire week

We’ve wrangled ourselves together and got our ducks in a row to have the space open every night this week (Monday June 8th – Friday June 12th) from 7:30pm-10pm as a bit of a post-Maker Faire bonus for people wanting to check out and learn more about our space, or work on their own projects.

Unfortunately nobody passed this message on to our grumpy doorbot, who’s refusing to accommodate such last-minute requests. As such, if you can’t get in during these times please phone the space on +1 (778) 330-1234 and someone will leap into action and get you through the Door of Doom and lead you safely down the Hallway of Peril!

Find us here:

Make your own magic door workshop – July 19th, 2015


Make your own magic door
As we all know, little doors are portals to magical places. They can lead one to gnomes, fairies, and may other types of magical creatures! Come join us in creating your own mini magical door to share with your friends. All required materials will be provided, however you are encouraged to bring any magical, shiny, spacey, or crafty additions to make your magical door even more special


Magic Door search and find
Once complete, you may choose to install your door in one of our special places within Mt. Pleasant. Secret codes will lead you from one door to the next until you find them all!
The top secret map can be downloaded at

Blinky Badge Instructions – Maker Faire 2015

If you visited us at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire this year and are looking for the blinky badge and soldering documentation we used, this is for you:

1. Blinky Badge Instructions – PDF,  the instructions for building our famous badge kit.

2. Soldering Is Easy  – a complete guide to soldering, in comic book format.