Workshop: Soldering 101/Build an AM Radio – Nov. 29th @ 2pm

Come down to the Vancouver Hackspace and make an AM radio! In the process, learn all about electronics and soldering in this beginner-friendly workshop. At the end of the workshop, all participants will go home with their very own battery-powered AM Radio.

What will I learn?

  • The basics of AM radio receivers
  • The fundamental circuit elements and their function
  • How to read a circuit schematic
  • How to solder a PCB with a soldering iron
  • What do I need to bring?

Just yourself and a water-bottle. All materials and tools are provided.

Is there an age limit?

This workshop is appropriate for ages 10+. A guardian is required if you are under 16.

How much does it cost and where do I sign up?

$25 – Members
$40 – Non-members


All net-proceeds will go back to keeping VHS awesome.

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DIY Portable Bluetooth Boom Box Workshop

DIY Bluetooth Boom Box Workshop. Open to all ages.

This workshop will provide you will all the materials to put together your own bluetooth boom box!

Do you dream of being able to hear your music loudly, clearly and through a laser cut wooden boom box you’ve made yourself. Do you crave a a richer musical experience that you can take with you, then this workshop is for you!

During the workshop we will be discussing the design and process involved in creating this Boom Box as well as assembling your own Boom Box to take home.

7pm – 8:30pm Monday 23rd Novemeber

The Vancouver Hackspace,
1715 Cook Street #104, Vancouver, BC, Canada


The workshop is open to non VHS member. VHS members receive a discount on the fees.

Note: If you are a minor, a parent or guardian will need to sign a liability waiver for you and accompany you while you are at the workshop.

You must bring yourself. A phone with bluetooth to rock out is optional.

Parts included with the workshop
These parts are included and used for the workshop, and are yours to take home:

1 x Bluetooth Audio amplifier

2 x speakers

1 x Laser cut wooden case

1 x USB rechargeable battery pack w/battery

1 x micro USB cable

Sign up here:

VHS Sewing Machine Roundup

In response to some requests, we’ve pulled out our sewing machines to take some pictures.

We have a Brother Innov-is 80

A Singer 656G

A Singer 5805C Serger

In terms of work area for sewing projects, it is currently “pretty good”, and an interested party could easily take ownership of the area and turn into an excellent work area. Come on in and use them!

SHHH: Super Happy Hacker House 37! – November 28, Saturday

Open House (Noon – 5pm)
Never been to a hack space before? Dying to see the VHS space? This is the perfect time to visit! VHS members will give you a tour around the space, show off some cool projects, and answer any questions you have. Many of our members share an interest in 3D printers, laser cutting, machining, crafting, electronics, robotics, programming, electronic music, and art. We welcome enthusiastic amateurs, or anyone with something interesting to share! A BBQ will available on VHS’ roof patio, so you can bring your own grillables.

Show and Tell (All day)
Have you made something amazing? Are you in the process of building something that will become amazing? Are you just starting out and want to talk to people about your amazing idea? Come down to VHS and tell us about it. Bring your projects!

Super Happy Hacker House (7:30pm – Late)
Super Happy Hacker House (SHHH) is a social night where members, friends and guests gather for a social night of conversation, adult beverages, lightning talks, and super happy hacker games.

Lightning talks – (11PM).
A lightning talk is VHS’ version of an un-conference, where people do short presentation on any subject that they want. Unlike other presentations at conferences, lightning talks last only a few minutes (2 min or less) and friendly heckling is encouraged. Challenge coins will given out to the people doing talks.

Our sponsor has donated beer for the event, which will be available after 7:30pm.
Remember to BRING YOUR OWN CUP if you want to drink beverages at the space.

Read a great Georgia Straight article about one of our previous open houses/SHHH!

1715 Cook Street, Buzzer #104
Vancouver, BC
Limited street parking is available just outside the space. Bikes can be parked in our loading bay for the night or locked up on the bike racks outside the front door.
This map shows all the parking and amenities around the new space.

November 28 (Saturday) from 12:00 Noon till late (2-3 am)

Everyone! Hackers, Makers, Crafters, Kids, Guests, Members, Friends of VHS, Anyone and Everyone.
If you are under the age of majority (19) then you should bring your parent or guardian with you as well. For those of legal drinking age (19), VHS will have donated beer for the adult-only event that will be available after 7:30pm.

Because it is awesome!


Workshop: Lighting With Arduino – Sunday, November 15, 2015, 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Have you been interested in Arduino microcontrollers? Don’t know where to start?

This workshop will teach you all the basics while you build a small project. At the end of this workshop you will go home with an Arduino controlling a color changing LED strip. Included in the workshops fees is a full Arduino starter kit. This includes an Arduino, color changing LED strip, knobs, buttons, and more. This is an intro course, no previous Arduino or programming experience is needed or expected.



What is an Arduino?

An Arduino board is an open-source, easy-to-use device that enables makers, students, hobbyists, artists, programmers, and professionals to make their projects come to life. If you can imagine it, you can build it with an arduino.

What makes Arduino so great?

  • Inexpensive – Arduino boards are relatively inexpensive compared to other microcontroller platforms. The least expensive version of the Arduino module can be assembled by hand.
  • Cross-platform – The Arduino Software runs on Windows, Macintosh OSX, and Linux.
  • Simple, clear programming environment – The Arduino Software is easy-to-use for beginners, yet flexible enough for advanced users to take advantage of as well.

The Vancouver Hackspace,
1715 Cook Street #104, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Limit of ~10 people, RSVP
The workshop is open to non VHS member. VHS members receive a discount on the fees.

Note: If you are a minor, a parent or guardian will need to sign a liability waiver for you and accompany you while you are at the workshop.

You must bring your own laptop

Parts included with the workshop
These parts are included and used for the workshop, and are yours to take home:

1x Arduino Uno
1x 1 Meter of RGB LEDs Neopixel (WS2812)
1x female barrel jack with screw terminal
1x 5v 2amp power supply
1x micro breadboard
1x Breadboard jumper wires
3x potentiometers
1x Arcade button
USB-B cable


Sign up here

Group photo from Sew it again – Saturday, November 7th at 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Sew it again workshop at @vhs, a great day of learning to recycle fiber and clothing. #clothing #sewin #sewingmachine

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Intro to Oscilloscopes – Nov 11, 2015 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Before we clear out the abundance of scopes that are at VHS we have the chance to do a hands on program for several people at the same time.
Oscilloscopes help to “see” electronic signals in a circuit. The scope is the sort of screw driver used when building, developing and repairing electronic circuits.

Outline of the program
Learn the basics of what oscilloscopes do and how to use them.
We will examine how to use the various controls, build a basic circuit and watch the changes taking place that enable the circuit to work
We will also examine how to find a fault in a circuit.

Where and When
The Intro event shall be held on Wednesday 11th November (Remembrance Day) at VHS starting at 7:30pm.
The facilities should enable us to accommodate up to 10 persons.

Check out our new Vinyl Cutter

A vinyl cutter has been purchased for VHS!

One of our members, Dan R very generously started a Tilt compaign, and it was successful! 16 members kicked in some cash, in total, and we successfully funded a Clipper vinyl cutter.


It has a work area of 24″ x 3m. I don’t know why one of those measurements is in weird Moon units. It has a cutting force of 250g.

We are still learning how to use it, but easy stuff is easy.


We also have some members that have done amazing stuff with their personal cutters, so we have high hopes!

(Pictures courtesy of Mark J)

This is free to use! We only have one blade for it, and those will likely be considered “consumable” and become BYOB (Bring Your Own Blade), but if that happens, blades will appear in our vending machine.

Workshop: Build a radio controlled fixed-wing airplane



$150 if you need to buy a transmitter
$85 if you already have a transmitter, or plan to buy a different one
$0 if you want to help/heckle but don’t need any airplane parts

Event Description

In recent years, the RC hobby is being revolutionized by the development of cheap and super-energy-dense lithium polymer batteries, and the ongoing progress in miniaturization and mass production of electronics.

One of my favourite RC companies is Flite Test, they’re popularizing a construction technique that’s really fast, cheap and much easier than the old-school “stick and tissue” techniques that I spent hundreds of very enjoyable hours with as a kid.

All you need to make a Flite Test airframe is foamcore board (2-4 sheets at $1.25 each), a hot glue gun, a sharp knife, bamboo barbecue skewers, and occasionally other random bits found around the house.

We’ll be building a brand new design, the Flite Test Explorer. With a “pusher” configuration, it’s much harder to damage motors and props when the inevitable nose-first crashes happen.

You’ll get:

  • Enough foamcore board to make a complete airframe, with two wings (3-channel “trainer” wing, 4-channel “sport” wing). We’ll have some laser-cut acrylic cutting templates to make it easier.
  • Enough extra glue sticks, barbecue skewers, packing tape and duct tape to hold things together
  • A transmitter (“TX”) and receiver (“RX”) that operate using the 2.4GHz frequency band
  • Five servos — you only need two for a 3-channel trainer, or four for a 4-channel model, leaving a spare. We’ll give you a Y-harness to connect the aileron servos for the 4-channel wing.
  • Steel wire to connect the servos to control surfaces
  • Laser cut plywood motor mount and control horns
  • An electric motor (two different power levels to choose from), electronic speed controller (“ESC”) and a propeller
  • A Lithium Polymer (“LiPo”) battery large enough for ~20 minute flights
  • A LiPo battery charger

If you’re curious about the parts costs, I’ve made a Google Sheets spreadsheet4.

You need to bring:

  • A hobby knife (e.g. X-Acto #11) and at least four spare blades
  • A hot glue gun. Because of the size of our wing, your glue gun has to be powerful. A 40-watt gun is barely sufficient, more is better. If you have trouble finding a powerful glue gun, let us know and we’ll order a few.
  • Lunch–we’ll have a half hour break around lunchtime
  • Enthusiasm for building and learning!

What about the flying part?

The workshop is likely to run all day, and it’ll be dark by the time it’s done. We’ll schedule some learn-to-fly days soon afterward, depending on weather and availability.

Instructor Bio

I’ve been building and flying rubber-powered free flight airplanes since I was a kid, but back then RC was incredibly expensive, you needed an amateur radio license to operate a transmitter, and it took dozens of hours to build an airplane. Now, everything is better!

I’m not charging anything for my time, I just want to introduce people to this fascinating hobby.

Build Video

If you want to get a head start, I highly recommend watching the FT Explorer build video


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Workshop: Leather and Lasers – Passport Wallet, November 22nd Noon-5pm

We’ve been playing around for a while with using the laser cutter to make leathercraft projects. It works really well!


We’ll be running a workshop to learn the basics.

The workshop will be November 22nd starting at noon, and running until about 5.

Here’s the prototype for what we’ll be making:



It’s a travel wallet sized to hold a Passport, a few cards, and some room for currency or papers.

In the workshop you will:

  • Learn how to use Fusion 360 to design a pattern to laser cut
  • Make your own leather passport wallet
    • Dying the leather
    • Conditioning
    • Saddlestitching to assemble the wallet.

We will also discuss etching – leather etches really well, perfect for customizing.

What you’ll get:
– Pre-Cut Leather for the passport wallet
– Dye and Oil/Soap
– Thread
– Needles

No experience or equipment is required.


  • $65 + processing fees for members of VHS
  • $75 + processing fees for non-members

signup here:

If there’s a lot of interest, this is a workshop that can be run again.

See the thread on VHS Talk for any questions.