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  • Electing a Secretary, and Chair to host the meeting.
  • Adoption of rules of order – Explanation of how the meeting will be operated.
  • Consideration of the financial statements;
  • Report of the directors/members of the previous year.
  • Election of directors – Our board of directors will be changing this year!
  • Special business (Constitution and bylaws)
New business
  • Massive growth of new members and how to make the on-boarding experience better.
  • Liability Waiver - We should be using them.
  • AGM topics - The members rates, specifically Paypal
  • Membership list - Who is a member, Admin and email list, how to make this open to all the members while keeping privacy.
  • Moving to a new space -
  • VANHOC, Rotating people in and out
  • What do we need, what do we want, what do we have and want to get ride of.

AGM mins can be found here

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