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Redsail CM1080 Laser Cutter

Everybody loves lasers

Status WORKING as of 2013-11-22
Training YES (see below)
Hackable NO
Usage Restrictions Members Only
Owner Vancouver Hack Space
If it Breaks Turn off main power, leave water cooler running for 5 minutes and then shut off the Master Power and unplug. Put a BROKEN sign on machine. Notify Members list and Laser Cutter Committee immediately.
Loan Status Owned
Arrival Date March 30, 2012
Location Laser Room
Value $3500 + ~$1000 to get it here and set up
Champion See Compendium of Champions

Laser Cutter User Certification

Anyone who wishes to use the laser cutter must be both a VHS member, and have completed a laser cutter training class (class dates are announced on the members' mailing list)

If you are planning to take a class, please first read through the operation manual.


  • Work area size: 1000mm x 800mm
  • Bed size: 1020mm x 820mm
  • Power: 80W


Maintenance Log

Note Date Who
FIXED: Filter Bag Replaced, Y-Axis Repaired, Cutter Windows Cleaned Dec 11, 2013 LCC [Butters & Richard]
FIXED: Red alignment laser re-broken. Re-Soldered, aligned Dec 6, 2013 LCC [Butters]
FIXED: Red alignment laser is broken. Re-Soldered, aligned and additional strapping added (my guess is the cable got snagged on the belt pulley) Nov 25, 2013 LCC [Butters]
Note: red alignment laser is broken. Does not affect performance of laser cutter. Nov 23, 2013 LCC [fishboy51]
Aligned and cleaned mirrors Nov 23, 2013 LCC [fishboy51]
Fixed by LCC. Nov 22, 2013 LCC
Exhaust fan is broken and preventing Laser operation. Being fixed now by LCC. Nov 20, 2013 LCC
Wiki entry created Nov 20, 2013 Thomas L.
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