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Orientation Checklist

So you're bottom-lining an open night, and you don't know what to tell newcomers! Here's a guide.

About VHS

  • a space for hacking, making things, and socializing with other hackers/makers
  • free use of shared tools and components (but leave “enough and as good for others”)
  • open nights Tue/Thu
  • membership-based
  • membership forms/waivers
    • includes VHS mission and principles
    • where to find blank forms
    • what to do when they have been filled out
  • more info at

General Safety Guidelines

  • use safety equipment (glasses etc), do not crowd people using the drill press, do not use/store hazardous materials
    • TODO: expand this with more firm, specific guidelines
  • report any concerns to the bottom-liner (i.e. the person giving the orientation)
  • people should review the guide to equipment and tools for safe use of specific tools

Other Stuff

  • ???
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