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-  - **Armageddon** (1998) http://​​title/​tt0120591/​ Yes it a horrible movie but //NASA uses the 1998 film, Armageddon, in their management training program. It turns out, to absolutely no one’s surprise, that this is not because it’s an incredibly well thought out movie in how to stop an asteroid from hitting the earth… ​ No, they use it because it contains over 168 distinct things that are impossible (not just improbable, but impossible. ​ there are many many more if you want to talk about improbable). ​ Because of this, it makes for a great exercise in seeing how many of those things their staff can recognize, both the impossible things and the improbable. ​ http://​​index.php/​2010/​01/​nasa-uses-the-movie-armageddon-in-their-management-training-program/#​YbdDH1lWiRCL0SY8.99 // More recommended reading http://​​features/​61-things-we-learned-from-the-armageddon-commentary-jkirk.php , http://​​features/​weekly-dvd-drinking-game-armageddon.php 
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