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Requested Workshops

  • Software Skills
    • Modeling for 3D Printing
    • Intro to ubuntu and other linux OSs
    • Sketchup
    • Solidworks
  • Programming
    • (Beginning | Intermediate | Advanced) Python for Pi
    • RFID and NFS for Beginners
    • PGP and Smartcards for Beginners
    • Wordpress, MySQL, PHP, Java, Ruby, Perl, Bash, c/c++, Go, Node, Rails,
  • Electronics
    • Soft Circuits / Wearable Electronics
    • learn to solder
    • robots
    • designing a PCB
    • FPGAs (VHDL/Verilog)
    • arduino drop-in (/project help)
  • Crafting / Art
    • screen printing VHS shirts and hoodies
    • paper folding
    • knots
    • Paper lanterns
    • Stickers
    • Stencils with the laser cutter.
    • Chainmail
  • Security
    • crypto party
  • Shop
    • CNC machining
    • design for machining
  • Misc Fun
    • minecraft / lan party?
    • How to make the perfect mixed drink, Whisky tasting night, Craft beer night,
  • Other
    • Server administration
    • Different code licences
    • Taxidermi

Advice and suggestions For Running Workshops

See a topic above that you know? have another good idea for a session? You should run a workshop!

The members mailing list is always a great place to ask for advice &&|| mentorship to help you run a successful workshop. Here's some writeups and suggestions from things that have already happened.

* General Workshop Wisdom from the Mailing List

* Quadcopter Workshop Postmortem

* Do-Ocracy and the craft table, a post mortem

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