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-====== VHS Layout ====== 
-VHS Layout board is a laser cut board representing in 3cm:1m scale of the VHS Bunker, equipment and furniture. Feel free to experiment with layouts for the space and add them to this wiki as proposals! 
-**Do not write/mark directly on the base board**. For supplementals/​semi-permanent items use masking tape. 
-If you are moving the board around the space keep all the pieces together. 
-Layout rules of thumb: 
-  * All walk ways should be a minimum of 1 meter wide 
-  * For back-to-back chairs 1.5 meters is a comfortable minimum between desks 
-  * Be mindful of exits and safe routes to doors as well as keeping door areas clearing 
-  *  
-Ideas for improvements:​ 
-  * A box to that holds the pieces ​ 
-  * A magnetic board 
-  * pieces cut from fridge magnet "​stuff"​ 
-===== Current ===== 
-{{::​vhs-layout-current-2014-01-29.jpg?​direct&​300 |Current Layout as of Jan 29, 2014}} 
-Current Layout as of Jan 29, 2014 
-Issues with the current layout 
-  * Desks behind pillars are not usable 
-  * back-to-back chairs in walk ways 
-  * poor presentation space 
-  * everything against walls 
-  * lots of dead space 
-  * Top of wooden storage shelves is not easily accessible 
-===== Proposal ===== 
-{{::​vhs-layout-proposal-laftho-2014-01-30.jpg?​direct&​300 |}} 
-Proposed layout as of Jan 30, 2014 by Thomas L. 
-Benefits of proposed layout 
-  * Slightly better use of space around pillars 
-  * Walk ways are clear of back-to-back chairs 
-  * Dedicated workareas in middle zone 
-  * work table area near the door is all dynamic fold-able tables which can be easily moved aside for presentations and allow for row chairs 
-  * presentation projector screen can be properly wall mounted 
-  * craft table in a more accessible area and more focused in a tool related work area 
-  * consolidated kitchen and lounge 
-  * whiteboard moved to a more visible wall 
-  * for superhacker houses we fold up all the tables and move them aside, more room for socializing while being better connected to the lounge 
-  * VHS Admin moved closer to the entry for easier access to waivers! 
-Layout notes 
-  * Craft lockers are between the pillar and the wall between the craft table and lounge area 
-  * mobile workstation is removed and installed as the Solidworks station 
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