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  1. Observe how people are using the space. Keep your eyes and ears open. Collect metrics?
  2. Notice something that doesn't work well enough. Have you spotted a common, recurring problem? Is there an area that tends to get filled with mysterious junk? Is a useful thing often hard to find? Is something dangerous?
  3. Find a way to make it better.
    • Describe the problem to someone else. (This will help clarify it in your own mind.)
    • Get consensus that the new plan will work. (Will it work? Is it SMART? )
    • Make the new way real.
  4. Get people to adopt the new way. If the new way is truly better, this should happen automatically.


Issue: Sweeping the space is too hard.
Solution: Replace all the non-folding chairs with the same grey Costco chairs we've been buying.
Reason: Eases the burden for the cleaner(s).

Issue: Table and floor is cluttered with non-project stuff (such as laptop bags, backpacks, etc) on busy days, leaving no room for others to work on their own projects
Solution: Keep bags and jackets in your locker if you have one, and if you do not, put them up the front to the side of the couch.
Solution: Shelf under the central tables for temporary storage.
Reason: More efficient use of the space; we should be able to fit nearly twice as many people at the tables than can be currently accommodated on a typical Tuesday. Question: Where will people fit their legs if there's a shelf in the way?

Issue: Garbage tends to collect on the tables, shelves, and floor.
Solution: hang all lamps above the table. Mount power bars on the legs of the table.
Reason: Making the tables always-empty will draw attention to garbage left behind.
Solution: Only accept donations the space needs.
Reason: donations are assumed to be owned by someone else, never touched, and then they matastasize. Solution: As suggested by other hackspaces, add a “Gone in two weeks” shelf and a “Gone in one week” shelf. Move things as appropriate.

Issue: Electronic services tend to rot.
Solution: Take an hour to read and/or update the Wiki, blog, or other iStuff.

Issue: Not enough storage space.
Solution: Everything should be labelled by owner.
Reason: Anything unlabelled is assumed to be donated and should be claimed or recycled.
Reason: Anything owned by an individual should be in their locker or sent home.

Issue: Loose nuts, bolts, and washers.
Solution: ?? Something like a coin sorter that works on these things?
Reason: Throwing them out is stupid and sorting them is too hard.

Issue: Most of the MAME games don't work.
Solution: ?? Reason: error-free MAME box = more fun!

Issue: Too hard to access the PHP for the VHS and Wiki.
Solution: Add to Dropbox? Github?
Reason: Cannot Kaizen without access.

Issue: People don't know when the space is open.
Solution: Easy website updates when opening the space and when closing the space.
Reason: attracts more people to the space.

Issue: Access to the space for non-members is a nuisance to everyone, even when the space is open.
Solution: ?? Reason: Eliminates buzzer

Completed Actions

2012-05-09: Issue: Garbage tends to collect on the tables, shelves, and floor.
Solution: Cut the tables to all be the same height.
Reason: With no overhang, there are less places things can be “out of sight, out of mind”.

2012-05-16: Issue: Stuff tends to collect on either end of the work benches.
Issue: Stacked folding chairs get in the way of the CNC, fire escape.
Solution: Move the Electronics bench 18“ away from the fire escape door. Stack the chairs behind the door.
Reason: Can't store stuff in a gap that doesn't exist.

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