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-VHS was super lucky and generosity donated a HP LaserJet 3600n. ​ You will find this printer to the right of the mame box or to the left of the storage lockers. The printer has the static IP of and about every operating system has drivers for this printer. 
-==You can print something from the Mame box== 
-The printer have been configured on the Mame box so if you need to print something quick from the internet that might be the simplest way. 
-  - File -> Print 
-  - Select HP-Color-LaserJet-3600n 
-==Setting up the printer on your Mac== 
-  - Go to System Preferences -> Printers 
-  - Click the + sign to add a printer 
-  - Select IP 
-  - Enter the Address: and select the Protocal "HP Jetdirect - Socket"​ 
-  - Use should populate with "HP Color LaserJet 3600" 
-  - Click "​Add"​ 
-==Using Linux with KDE (You can likely figure out your linux from these directions)== 
-  - Control Center -> Printers 
-  - Select "​Add"​ 
-  - Select "​Network Printer"​ 
-  - Select "​Other"​ 
-  - Name Anything you want we suggest "​VHS_Lasjer_3600n"​ 
-  - Make sure "​AppSockets/​HP JetDirect"​ is selected 
-  - YOU MUST MAKE SURE Driver is set to "​Foomatic + hpijs" 
-  - For path enter <​code>​socket://​</​code>​ 
-  - On the Printer Model Screen 
-  - On the next screen make sure it knows the model is a "​LaserJet 3600" 
-  - Leave the select defautls alone 
-  - We recommend printing a test page 
-  - Make sure to select "​Finish"​ 
- You are able to download drivers from HP here: http://​​c5c5Ik 
-==Trouble Shooting==