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VHS demands Robot Ponies from Vancouver City hall

The Vancouver Hack Space (VHS) wants the City of Vancouver to provide Robot Ponies to taxpayers. VHS is willing to provide the services of building and testing the prototype Robot Pony. As a Not For Profit organization VHS would be open to any support from the City of Vancouver and Mayor Gregor Robertson. Mayor Gregor Robertson was recently quoted as saying “Who are all these fuckin’… who are these hacks man?" We're pretty sure he meant Hackers. Well Gregor, we want our Robot Pony.

One member of the VHS community who wished to remain anonymous has been quoted as saying "I voted for Mayor Gregor because I thought we'd get EPIC HAX." Another member added "I challenge him to defend why NOT to avoid turning down the opportunity to miss out on paying said hacks (at the hackerspace) to build said ponies."

I for one welcome our new Robo Pony overlords.

About Vancouver Hack Space

VHS provides a physical space where hackers, computer geeks, engineers, circuit benders, crafters, and other creative types can gather to share ideas, equipment, opinions, and beer. We aim to create a sort of 24/7 brain gym, where members can show up and work on personal projects, consult with friends, and learn new tricks. More than just a studio space, we focus on sharing all sorts of knowledge within a friendly and collaborative atmosphere. At this point most of our members are hardware and software engineers, many of whom share an interest in microcontrollers, robotics, electronic music and art, but we welcome anyone with skills to share and/or an interest in learning. If this is you, why aren't you here?


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