The cycEL kit is an easy way to make a super rad (and safe!) glow bike!

EL wire glow bike video



The kit contains a few parts and requires some assembly. Follow the instructions and build it! You’ll need to solder a few of the components together, and then figure out how you want to mount it on your bike.

The kit comes with a battery case, the EL wire “driver”, some supplies and as much EL wire as you’d like. You’ll need a soldering iron, some heatshrink and a way to attach it to your bike.

You have a few options:

  • Colour – aqua or neon green
  • Length – 25 feet is recommended, but you can choose more or less depending on your bike and your goals.
  • Driver – we have a few “sound activated” drivers available for a few $$ extra. These drivers have an off/on/music switch – the music setting will flash the EL to noise or music.

Download the cute instructions!



Kits cost $60-$90 depending on how much EL wire you want for your bike.


To Order

Email with what colour and length you’d like if you’re interested in a kit. We’ll arrange for you to pick up your kit either at the Vancouver Hack Space.

If you really want a kit but don’t live in Vancouver, you could either order the parts directly from an online EL wire supplier (contrary to popular belief, there is nothing implicitly magical about our kits), or email us politely and we can figure out the shipping.

We have all the tools to assemble your EL wire kit at VHS and at Maker Faire. We suggest you buy tickets in advance, as it’s cheaper than at the door and helps Maker Faire.



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