Termination of Hackspace Tenancy

We have to move

  • Our lease terminates on December 31st, 2014.
  • Our property management company has not exercised their right to extend their lease to our landlady
  • That means that our lease also ends.


When we have to move out by

  • December 31st, 2014


What happened

  • Our lease extension to December 31st 2016 was not valid.
  • Our lease was with our landlady, whose lease was not renewed.


What you can do

  • Look for a new location.
  • Organize in this thread to track these efforts.


Any comments, questions, or requests for clarifications should be sent to directors@hackspace.ca

scanbc_yo – SHHH33 hacks

This hack was made by LukeC at SHHH31

Youtube video

Twitter: https://twitter.com/scanbc_yo

Github: https://github.com/lukec/scanbc_yo




Fountain Pen and Crafting Night – Nov. 3rd

Fountain Pen


Monday got you down? The onset of Vancouver’s winter rains breaking your spirit? We can’t do anything about that, but you should come to VHS for crafting and fountain pen night.


Fountain pen night is an opportunity for any fans of traditional (or just unusual) writing implements to bring them out to show and experiment.

Why fountain pens? They’re something different. They write very differently than ballpoint pens. There are all sorts of physical and mechanical designs. It also can be fun to have your choice of a huge variety of inks.

Bring along your pens and inks, have an opportunity to try out others, and generally play around. No experience or equipment is required if you just want to check it out.

We’ll also be opening the spaaaaaace for a general crafting night – come down and work on your projects!


When: Monday Nov. 3rd at 7:30 PM
Where:VHS 270 E 1st Ave
What to bring: Fountain/Dip/Calligraphy Pen collections. Inks. Paper.
Cost: No fee, VHS membership encouraged, but not required.


November 1, 2014 Class: Programming 101 with Arduino and LEDs

Learn the basics of programming AND a bit about Arduino AND feel the dopamine rush of making atomic rainbow colored fire light!

We’ll be using the same kind of lights that are in one panel of our giant wall of LEDs4. That’s 64 LEDs. If you already have the LEDs and power supply from our group buy then you can attend for free.

November 1, 2014 (Saturday) @ 13:00. See your job for registration deadline.

Anyone! You? YOU. Max 10 people.

VHS main room

…much: $75 for the LEDs + power supply you get to keep! $30 Arduino UNOs are available from the vending machine.
If you already have the LEDs and power supply from our group buy then you can attend for free.

…long: 2-3h, based on interest.

Your job
RSVP to this thread so people can count how many spaces are left.
Register on or before October 25, 2014.
Contact Dan through https://www.marginallyclever.com to pay for the parts and complete your registration.

You must provide your own laptop and a USB cable.



The first class is full.  Due to popular demand a second class has been scheduled for December 6.  Register on or before November 12th for class #2.

October 14, 2014 Class: How to use the band saw

Safety, setup, put-away, changing the blades, cleaning the interior, basic do’s and do not’s of cutting.
We’ll be chopping up scrap from the laser cutter so no need to bring anything.

2014-10-14 (Tuesday) at 20:00

VHS shop room

You! No need to be a member (but it helps). Max 5 people for this first time.

…much: $5
…long: 30 minutes or less.

Your job
RSVP to this thread.
Tie long hair back or tuck under a hat.


October 21, 2014 Class: How to use the chop saw

Safety, setup, put-away, basic do’s and do not’s of cutting. We’ll be chopping up scrap 2×4.

2014-10-14 (Tuesday) at 20:00

VHS shop room

You! No need to be a member (but it helps). Max 5 people for this first time.

…much: $5
…long: Class should take 30 minutes or less.

Your job
RSVP to this thread.
Tie long hair back or tuck under a hat.

Server Migration

If you are seeing this post then you are looking at the new server. Woot !

More information can be found in this post about the server migration 

What’s this about?

Robin has been asking us for a while now to move VHS stuff off his server so he can decommission it. I’m creating this thread as a place to track/report where we stand on the migration.

How does this affect me?

Everything is going to be moved over the next week or two, so in particular you’ll want to get yourself set up onVHS Talk ASAP.

What we got, and where it’s goin’

  • VHS Talk is intended as a replacement for vhs-general and vhs-members. It is functional now, but could use improvements in formatting of incoming email. And maybe the categories could be further rearranged. Also, is it backed up?
  • The directors mailing list (technically, an alias) needs to be migrated somewhere, perhaps a private Google Group? Hopefully the BoD can set up whatever they want.
  • Our PR list needs to be migrated somewhere. It could be a category in VHS Talk, but I’d think we should make that private to a separate ACL of users. We don’t want every member signed up by default, but anyone who wants to be included should be allowed in. However it’s arranged, it has to be something that we can connect to from the website’s contact form, which is currently done via email. And VHS Talk can handle that, but again there’s that formatting issue to be resolved.
  • Our WordPress website needs to be migrated to a new machine. And probably updated to a current WP version.
  • Our docuwiki needs to be migrated, presumably to the same machine as the website. And updated.

Did I miss anything? Other than the Directors’ list, all of these migrations are at least being discussed in the #vhs IRC channel on oftc.net – if you want to get involved, IRC’s the place to be!

Knitting and Sewing Night Pics from September 22nd

Thanks to everyone who attended knitting and sewing drop-in night on September 22nd. It was a wonderful evening of knitting, sewing, crafting, socializing, and of course sorting through our new fabric stash (donated by www.designtex.com).

We had so much fun we’re doing it again on October 6th, from 7:30 to 10:30 pm.  Join us! Details here.


Knitting/Sewing/Crafting Drop In – Mon, Oct 6th, 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm

Join us for a fun night of knitting, sewing, and crafting.  FREE and open to everyone.

When: Monday, October 6th, 7:30 – 10:30 PM
Where:VHS 270 E 1st Ave
What to bring: your own project (see below for suggested projects)
Cost: FREE
Register:  Let us know you’re coming (we have space for 20 people)

Join us for a night of fun where you can:

  • get help from people experienced in knitting and sewing.
  • use our sewing machines, yarn winders, and other cool gear.
  • get inspired by other crafters.

Note: This isn’t an evening of formal instruction, just a fun night of hanging out with other crafters. Please bring your own knitting or sewing project. Beginners welcome!

Wondering what to work on? Here are some ideas.

1. Mason Jar Pin Cushion Sewing Kit – no sewing required!
Bring your own mason jar and two-part ring lid. Everything else will be provided (fabric, glue guns, stuffing). Make this for yourself or for a sewist in your life. We have loads of beautiful fabric samples to choose from. No fee, but throwing a loonie into our donation box is always appreciated.

2. Wheat Scarf – FREE pattern
This a great project for beginning knitters who can knit, purl, cast on and cast off. Bring your own yarn, needles, and printed copy of the pattern. Help will be provided if you need it.

SHHH 100001 – Super Happy Hacker House 33

Hello hackers, Tinkerers, Builders, Crafters, and Makers

Its been far too long since funvill organized our last Super Happy Hacker House. So, it is my pleasure to invite you all to The Vancouver HackSpace on October 18th for an open house and a Super Happy Hacker House 33!

Open house – (2PM till 6 PM) Never been to a hack space before? This is the perfect time to visit! We will give you the grand tour of the space. There will be a BBQ on site during the day if you want to bring something down to cook.
Super Happy Hacker House – (9 PM – Late). SHHH a social night where members and non-members are welcome to gather for conversation, beverages, lightning talks, and super happy hacking. Bring your laptops, Arduinos, crafts, and gadgets for a night of merry making!
Lightning talks – (11PM). Lightning talk is a short presentation on any subject that you want. Unlike other presentations, lightning talks last only a few minutes (2 min or less) and several talks will happen in a single period by different speakers. Challenge coins will given out to the people doing talks. Here is a video of some of our previous lighting talks https://vancouver.hackspace.ca/wp/2013/10/08/vhs-lightning-talks-video/

Remember to BRING YOUR OWN CUP !

A great article about one of our previous open houses!


A time laps video of one of our old Super Happy Hacker Houses

“The Bunker”
270 1st Ave E,
Vancouver, BC, V5T 1A6
or 49.268764,-123.098187 for the numerically inclined.

Parking is available just outside the space. Bikes can be brought inside via the garage door. To get here via transit: get off at Main St. – Science World station, walk South down Main to 1st Ave (past McDonald’s), turn left onto 1st Ave. Walk until you see the VHS sandwich board (past the “Stay away from lonely places” sign, directly across the street from the Brinks building).

Saturday October 18th, 2014. 2 pm until the early hours of the 19th.

Everyone, members and non-members and all of their friends.