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Our mailing lists are hosted on

You can view an archive version of our current mailing list here.


How to Subscribe

Our primary mailing list is vhs-general. This is an open, public list for general discussion. Use this list to get help from Vancouver’s hacker community, find out about events at VHS and elsewhere, or just see what VHS is all about and what people are working on.

There is also a members-only mailing list (see below).



[Q] Help! I’m on the general list and I’m getting too much email!

[A] You may prefer digest mode. This gives you about one message per day, which contains all the messages from that day in a single email.

[Q] I have an additional address I would like to post from (e.g., I primarily use but sometimes I want to send messages from

[A] You can subscribe your secondary address to the mailing list using the “nomail” option. You’ll be able to send mail to the list from your secondary address, but you won’t receive VHS list emails at that address.

[Q] What is the members list and how is it different from the general list?

[A] The members list is for members only and is used to talk about internal issues such as:

  • Promoting a new member to a key member,
  • Financial info about the society,
  • Minutes of member meetings,
  • Discuss society business on the members channel.

[Q] How to get added to the members list?

[A] First, you need to become a VHS member, which you can do in person at VHS on any open night. When you sign up, an existing member should send a email to the members list with the following information: “Welcome to new member Foo, his/her e-mail is Can s/he get added to the list?”

[Q] I’m getting too much mail on the members list!  How do I get off?

[A] If you’re not on the members list, you won’t receive notices about General Meetings and other important information.  Please consider filtering these messages into a separate folder with your email client instead of unsubscribing.  If you must unsubscribe, send a message to the members list and the list operator will remove you.

[Q] Who operates the mailing lists?

[A] robbat2.

[Q] I’m with another Canadian hackspace, and we’d like hosting for our lists using the domain.

[A] Please contact our list sysadmin, and we may be able to help you.

[Q] I still need help!

[A] Ask a question on our IRC channel or visit the wiki