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Super Happy Hacker House 23

Come one come all tonight to our 23rd open house. At SHHH we open the doors to the public and share knowledge, experience, and good times to all who trespass. No, but seriously, it’s going to be awesome. Take part of our soldering competition, ask Lukec to teach you how to juggle, see some of […]

August 18 SHHH + Soldering Contest

Are you the fastest solder in the west? Come on down to SHHH August 18 at the VHS (45 Hastings, alley entrance) and find out. We provide the gear, you provide the skills. First place and second place winners get a Seeeduino. The rest get to flail and gnash in misery and despair. The Drawbots […]

Happenings in the Space, Monday August 13th

Tonight we had quite a few different projects going on, with a solar garden light being repaired, a CNC machine starting to take shape, EL wire kits being assembled, our new lab power supplies being tested, and wait for it… TANTILLUS BEING ASSEMBLED! Jonah’s CNC machine starting to take shape: Lab power supplies being tested […]

New filing system

Right! There are a lot of new members in the space, and there are a lot of tools that get picked up, used, and put back somewhere… else. It’s confusing and discourages people from using all the great stuff we have available. To fix this I put a sticker on every major shelf naming the […]

First Cuts with the Laser Cutter

We’re making good progress on the laser cutter, with the first cuts being very successful. There’s still a few issues to resolve, and lots of testing yet to do to figure out optimal settings for cutting various materials – but we’re getting very close to being able to start the material library and begin training!

First test firing of the Laser Cutter’s laser

Great news on the laser cutter front – tonight marked the first ever test firing of the laser! It not only was successful, but nobody was harmed AND VHS is still standing. Can’t complain about that; 3 for 3!

Hacks are good for you!

Brent Lang sends us this article he wrote about VHS and the Maker Movement: ┬áMaker Movement; Don’t know what it is?

VHS is looking for a new space! We’re moving!

Todays space meeting has cumulated in the formation of a committee to spearhead the search for a new building for Vancouver Hack Space. We’re moving as soon as we can find somewhere suitable! We’ve outgrown our current space, and are need of somewhere that can house our new laser cutter (yes, it’s so big that […]

Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2012 Call for Makers is live and Applications are open!

The team over at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire have announced that the Call for Makers for the 2012 event is now live and they’re accepting applications for Individual Makers, Maker Groups, Startup Makers, and Commercial Makers. The event will be held on June 23rd and 24th at the PNE in their 48,000 square foot Forum […]

Every day I’m Makerin’

A special hello to last night’s visitors from France! My face when I learned Paris has eight hackspaces You’ve met Tim the new guy, right? 95% awesome, 15% kick ass. He’s been to the space twice and finished two different projects. What is your secret? He’s some kind of wizard, I tell you. I will […]