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Learn you some Git & GitHub!

What: Mystified by the ‘Pull Request’ button on GitHub? Confused by merging, rebasing, committing, pulling, and pushing? Want to learn a bit more about Git and GitHub? Come on down! Sean Hagen will be teaching you how to use Git, including

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VHS Open Nights for post-Maker Faire week

We’ve wrangled ourselves together and got our ducks in a row to have the space open every night this week (Monday June 8th – Friday June 12th) from 7:30pm-10pm as a bit of a post-Maker Faire bonus for people wanting to

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Workshop: Arduino 1-Wire

What: Have you ever wanted to record the temperature with your Arduino? What about the humidty? Maybe you’re more interested in motion detection, or maybe you want to detect water leaks. 1-wire sensors to the rescue! There are many types

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SHHHH 0x22 – Moving Out Party

Hello hackers, Tinkerers, Builders, Crafters, and Makers In light of the recent news, we can’t just move out without getting together at the bunker one last time: The Vancouver HackSpace is opening its doors to the general public for an

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Termination of Hackspace Tenancy

We have to move Our lease terminates on December 31st, 2014. Our property management company has not exercised their right to extend their lease to our landlady That means that our lease also ends.   When we have to move

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Fountain Pen and Crafting Night – Nov. 3rd

  Monday got you down? The onset of Vancouver’s winter rains breaking your spirit? We can’t do anything about that, but you should come to VHS for crafting and fountain pen night.   Fountain pen night is an opportunity for

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Canada Day Open House Tentatively Cancelled

Unfortunately, because of Canada Day (and the nice weather), we currently don’t know if we’ll have enough keyholders to keep the space open for our regular open house tonight. As such, tonight’s open house is tentatively cancelled. Before heading down,

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Maker Faire 2014 – Soldering Workshop Kit Instructions

Thanks to everyone for another great Maker Faire this year.  We hope to see everyone there in 2015 for the big 5th year of the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire! The VHS soldering workshop area was popular as always, especially thanks

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Identified Flying Objects Meetup II at VHS

Are you into things that fly, and are small enough for a person to carry? Quadcopters, Helicopters, Fixed Wing, Multirotors, or anything else? Participate in our quadcopter build workshop, and want to continue to learn? Wanted to get into multirotors,

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Vancouver Hack Space – Amateur Radio Club (VHS-ARC) – Wednesday Feb 19, 2014

Weekly VHS Amateur Radio Club (VHS-ARC) meeting. Where: Vancouver Hack Space 270 East 1st Avenue Vancouver, BC When: Wednesday Feb 19th, 2014 @ 7:00-9:00 pm Who: Meeting is open to all, members and non-members alike . All are welcome whether

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