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MakeyMakey Bootloader programming over ICSP

I’ve been asked about how I programmed the bootloader so I’m putting the doco here. For all my AVR work I use a bus pirate v3 with the stk500 firmware. I have a cable I made that adapts the bus

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Do you like candy? I like candy.

Here’s a very brief overview of the thought process for building something to amuse and frighten your neighbours. I originally wrote this up on May 31st and posted it elsewhere, but I thought I’d give the VHS regulars time to

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SMD July – Build MakeyMakey on July 24th at VHS

When Kickstarter came to VHS to talk about launching campaigns they showed MaKeyMaKey as an example. They chose well. This has to be close to the most fun you can find in a circuit. You can find out lots about it

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Photos from Toymageddon: Toy Hacking Night

Toy hacking night was a blast. Over 25 people were at the space, soldering, adding LEDs to toys, doing pitch hacks, and lots of other fun stuff. Toy hamsters were hacked, Iron Man got some new innards, and some keyboards

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Want to Build a Quadcopter At VHS?

Give the gift of making this winter and build a Quadcopter at VHS. EIGHTEEN have signed up! Project News 2013-11-13: The time to get in on the group order has now closed. We are placing the order today. We will

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When Surplus Electronics and Fashion Meet…

On Wednesday night the left and right brains hung out together for a while, assisted by beer, and created some highly non-functional pieces from wire and electronic parts. A variety of techniques was in evidence from the ubiquitous hot glue

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Word clock with JavaScript and a monitor

Tonight some VHSers (Steven Smethurst,  David Galloway, and Mike Adams) were playing with doug’s word clock design. We didn’t have any LEDs so we decided to backlight the word clock with a monitor and highlight the words with JavaScript.   This hack took

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Photos from Toymageddon – Toy Hacking Night

Thanks to everyone who came out to Toymageddon,  volunteered, donated, and otherwise made this night happen!  It was a blast! A special thanks to Lee’s Electronics for their door prize donations. In Vancouver, Lee’s is a great place to buy

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Rygo project on Discovery Channel

Greetings Hackerfolk. For those of you who have been in the VHS loop for the past two years, you may remember JF Brandon’s Rygo project. JF had a vision of creating North America’s largest 3D printed art piece, and he

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Hack The Space Night – March 19, 2013

What a night! The rain turned people away and yet it was wall to wall action. Paul brought in this robot. It has bumper sensors to avoid (serious) collisions. Look at the intricacy in these circuits! So pretty. While that

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