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Look at all these pretty people

These are some (missing a few) of the people that showed up for the VHS planning meeting.  These people among many others help make VHS work. Join us and help make something awesome.

Thursday open nights, 19:30-22:30

Do you love the VHS? Previously scheduled thingimajig that conflicts with open Tuesdays? Too many awesome makers to find a seat Tuesday nights? Rest easy! Thursdays are your new favorite time to get your make on. Same bat channel, different bat time. Be sure to check out our calendar for every scheduled opening and event, […]

Timelapse & Photos from Super Happy Hacker House 0x0E

Thanks to all who came out and thanks to Luke for hosting such an awesome night! It was filled with hacking of all kinds and lots of buttons!

New public mailing list hosting live

We have migrated out mailing lists away from the old hosting, to our new lists.hackspace.ca domain. All old subscriptions have been moved, and further details can be found here

With a new space comes a new website!

Welcome to VHS website version 2.0. This version will permit our members to have more control and provide more content to our Internet front-end. A more official announcement will be made shortly! Those members attending SHHH X will be able to get their own user accounts.

VHS announces intent to destroy the moon by 2010

The Vancouver Hack Space (VHS) has set a goal of February 12th 2010 to destroy the moon. VHS member mcantelon has said “We have tolerated this inferior celestial body for too long.” The first stage of the plan is to organize a small moon landing party. Once there members will identify potential weaknesses in the […]