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SHHH: Super Happy Hacker House 36!

What It has been over 6 months that VHS has moved into its new home on 1715 Cook street, and now that the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire is out of the way, its time for another open house and social night! Open House (Noon – 5pm) Never been to a hack space before? Dying to […]

Lee’s Electronics has opened a new store on Fraser and King Edward

Lee’s Electronics has opened a new store on Fraser and King Edward (4131 Fraser street) Its bigger, nicer, and awesome! Check it out if you need any local electronics parts or boards.   Facebook Website

Microsoft To Sponsor The Vancouver Hackspace Society

After years of being a free and open source software (FOSS) focussed bastion, VHS is now proud to announce that it has combined forces with new best friend, Microsoft! Microsoft has generously offered the Vancouver Hackspace Society access to a hosted Sharepoint environment to replace and consolidate all web related services, such as the forum, […]

SHHH #35 beer sponsor – Coast Precision CNC

VHS would like to thank Coast Precision CNC for sponsoring VHS’s SHHH #35 and providing us with libations. We at Coast Precision CNC Ltd are a small family run CNC Machine shop handling requirements from prototypes to production runs that require Milling or Turning(Lathe).  We have worked on projects from aircraft tooling to custom pharmaceutical […]

Challenge coins for lighting talks at VHS’s SHHH #35

At Super Happy Hacker House (SHHH) we do lighting talks of 2 mins or less. These are fun talks about anything you want. You could talk about how laser disks work, the story of the farest earth “thing” to die in space, or your collection of sporks. During your talk the crowd is encouraged to heckle to […]

Last chance to become a member at the reduced rate!

We have two more days before the VHS member rates go up!   Sign up here.   Still on the fence? Our new location has been secured, and we will be reopening in a week or two We survive entirely on membership fees and need your support! We make cool stuff and want to help […]

Server Migration

If you are seeing this post then you are looking at the new server. Woot ! More information can be found in this post about the server migration  What’s this about? Robin has been asking us for a while now to move VHS stuff off his server so he can decommission it. I’m creating this […]

Knitting and Sewing Night Pics from September 22nd

Thanks to everyone who attended knitting and sewing drop-in night on September 22nd. It was a wonderful evening of knitting, sewing, crafting, socializing, and of course sorting through our new fabric stash (donated by www.designtex.com). We had so much fun we’re doing it again on October 6th, from 7:30 to 10:30 pm.  Join us! Details […]

Talk.hackspace.ca – New VHS forum

We have implemented a new forum system built with discourse.org. Its has all the features that you would expect from a modern forum system and its available now! SSL to prevent NSA from spying on our forum traffic Email notification and replies Login with OAuth, Google, Twitter, Facebook (yuck), Github, etc… Image upload support for Animated […]

Membership rates are going up in 2015 – Get in before then!

As some of the more astute among you have already noticed, VHS’s membership rates are going up. This was decided (unanimously) after taking a look at our budget. Simply put, in January 2015, our rent will go up by about 10%, and at our current rate and membership numbers, we can’t afford this. Accordingly, our […]