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“Beyond Arduino” Workshop, Thursday March 28th

Ever wished you could duplicate that successful Arduino project without shelling out for another Arduino? Well you can, and it’s not too difficult. VHS regular Simon is running a workshop next Thursday that will show you how to take your Arduino code and install it on a standalone ATmega328 microcontroller (the same type that is […]

TV-B-Gone soldering class

Sick of TV? Want to learn to solder? Want to make a great stocking stuffer? TV-B-Gone is a universal remote that will turn off any TV within 150 feet. I’ve got twenty kits for sale and I’m offering free soldering training for anyone who orders one. To streamline things in time for the holidays I’m […]

Raspberry Pi intro night – Nov 6, 7:30pm

This upcoming Tuesday evening will be raspberry flavoured! After receiving dozens of heroic responses to my plea for help on the mailing list, I decided to make this event official.  Like all Tuesday nights, VHS will be open to the public for this event.  Even if you don’t have a Raspberry Pi, there might be […]

Introduction to Soldering

Are you worried your wiring fixes might not be the safest?  Come to the VHS and learn about soldering, flux, helping hands, heat shrink, and how to tell good soldering from bad.  If there’s enough interest we’ll run a second class right after the first.  Remember: keep your tip clean! Please RSVP to aggrav8d chez […]

Introduction to Arduino

Back by popular demand! Who: YOU!  If you can climb two flights of stairs, you’re welcome.  For the rest of you, we’ll find a way to accomodate. What: We bring everything.  You bring a cup!  Learn about Arduino, circuits, and programming through hands-on learning at your own speed.  Maximum 20 people, so please RSVP to […]

How to file a patent @ 7:00 pm 17 Aug 2012

Introduction: Why write a patent? Offence, Defence and Prestige. Preparation: Knowing the field, When patent searching it is important to remember only the claims and drawings mater. Beginning: Writing the prior art section and the first draft of the claims. Write the body of the patent with drawings. Remember every thing in the claims must […]

Introduction to Arduino, Sunday July 15th 2012

As I write these words 2011 seats are still available. Come to the VHS and find out what these things are all about and what you can do with them. Together we’ll learn the fundamentals of these powerful little boards and expand your creative possibilities. We’ll also have some local teachers on hand and lots […]

Shop Intro Night – Tuesday, 27 March, 2012

What: I’ve had an idea in my brain for a while that I should schedule an evening where I introduce people on how to use some of the more …intimidating shop equipment safely, effectively, and confidently. This intro night will be with a focus on hands-on skill development, while keeping the talking relatively brief. Lecture […]

Introduction to WordPress workshop, Tuesday 13th, 2012

WordPress is one of the most popular,simple blogging platforms on the web today. It has made it easy for anyone to create a blog and share their ideas with the world. In this workshop we plan to show everyone how to do the basic functions of wordpress and get started on their own. How to […]

Practical intro to computer security – Thursday, 22nd, March, 2012

What: We are going to have a intro to practical computer security forced on “How to use it and why” instead of “How it works and why it is good”. These talks will be directed a people with good computer experience that want to learn more about how to securely communicates and protect there data. […]