This is closed now.

I’ve chosen the adafruit design as it is open hardware (

The board manufacturer ( I use charges $US19.90 for 10 boards (will be green).   Shipping is about $US0.50-1 each (varies a lot with the weight).  I would like to kick at least $US1 per board to Adafruit for the use of their design. So that’s about $4 per board.



I looked around a lot for the tall connector then Adafruit started stocking them (  Let’s assume we have 10 takers that’s about $2.50ea with shipping.

Paypal will take a bit so let’s allow 50c for them.

That’s $US7 per board/connector pair!

So here is the deal.
- Let’s keep it simple, both connector and board, not one or the other.
- This is only for pickup at VHS, I don’t want to get into shipping stuff.
- Send me $US7 per set via paypal to (deleted, ordering is closed)
- I’ll leave this open until February 6th and order after that (ie after chinese new year).
- I’ll update the list weekly with quantities until this closes
- I’ll update the list with production status
- We should have the boards and connectors late Feb.
- If we get charged duty it will come from Adafruit’s cut
- I’m not taking anything, everything left will go to Adafruit.
- Once the boards are in I’ll send a cheque to Adafruit and a breakdown of the buy to the list
- I’m a decent guy, I don’t need to run with your $US7.
- Yes, I know I am in Canada, everything is priced in USD, I’m the messenger.
- No refunds.  We all have to share any risk involved (just saying this to be sure, not sure there is any risk).
- Designed by Limor Fried/Ladyada for Adafruit Industries. CERN OPEN HARDWARE LICENCE v1.1