Learn To Solder Tonight 7:30, Jan 8, 2014


Tonight at 7:30, Karl will be teaching how to solder.

The plan is pretty informal -I will be giving demonstrations and individual assistance.

We will be soldering up some test leads (banana plugs and wire) and doing some PCB soldering.

I will also be teaching how to de-solder.  There will be three techniques demonstrated for this:

1. Solder Wick

2. Vacuum pump (Solder Sucker)

3. Smack-and-drop

I will supply the materials for all the above  (my treat).  The ‘Space has soldering irons, but please bring your own if you have one (and a holder for it too).

If you feel like going out to buy your own Solder Sucker today, I recommend you get a BIG one (about a foot long, overall).  The pretty little ones look nice, and fit well in a tool kit, but when it comes to de-soldering, bigger is better.  You can get the little ones to work, but they must be taken apart and cleaned after only a few uses.

This is me, now saying that you MUST WEAR EYE PROTECTION when playing with molten metal (soldering).  I’m not your mom, so if you don’t wear safety goggles, I won’t nag at you (unless you are under 19years old, in which case I expect your dad or mom to be there -nagging).

If someone with keys to the kits shows up, there may be LED blinky circuits to solder up with your new skills.  You will have to pay for those kits (I don’t know how much they cost).
Bottom Liner: Karl Brown
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