Practical intro to computer security – Thursday, 26th, September, 2013

We are going to have a intro to practical computer security focused on “How to use it and why” instead of “How it works and why it is good”. These talks will be directed a people with good computer experience that want to learn more about how to securely communicate and protect there data.

Topics will include

  • TOR, VPN
  • Full disk encryption (TrueCrypt)
  • Phone encryption,
  • Secure chat
  • PGP and signing
  • SSH tunneling, OTR for IM
  • ect…

Notes from previous events.


The Bunker 270 1st Ave E
V5T 1A6, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Thursday, 26th, September, 2013
7:30 pm – 10:30 pm


People who are computer literate but want to learn more about security


It’s dangerous times and we need to learn how to protect ourselves.

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3 comments on “Practical intro to computer security – Thursday, 26th, September, 2013
  1. twirlip says:

    A few interesting links:

    Safeguarding your laptop with encryption, passwords, and behaviour:

    If you’re worried about the NSA and want to protect yourself from their prying eyes, read this:

    … or this Reddit comment:

  2. steven says:

    here is a website with a bunch of secure alternatives to insecure applications

  3. twirlip says:

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation has an excellent introduction to protecting your data and communications: