VHS’s First Movie night – Friday 26 July 2013 @9pm

VHS’s is going to have its first movie night this Friday 26 July.

If you where looking for a night to bring our your significant other and the family to VHS, this would be a good night for it. You may know what VHS is all about but your family might never gets to see VHS, this is their opportunity to come and see what VHS is all about and watch a good movie on the big screen

We are planing on projecting the movie in the west parking lot, on to the bunkers building. If it rains we will move the movie indoors. We got a 500 W sound system and a few couches, some astro turf, but feel free to bring something to sit on instead of the concrete. There will be popcorn, You can’t have a movie without popcorn, I am still trying to figure out how to make enough for everyone all at once.

I couldn’t make up my mind on what movie to watch,
So I am going to bring these three and we all can vote for what one to watch the night of.

If there are any other strong contenders for movies to watch I will add them to the list.

VHS first movie night

At VHS in the parking lock against the bunkers wall.
If it rains we will move it inside

26 July 2013 Friday,
We will be starting the movie around 9pm but VHS will be open from 7:30pm onward.

Everyone, bring your significant other, your children, your friends, and family, anyone who wants to see what VHS is about, and watch a movie.

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