We’re Moving to VHS 3.0, 270 East 1st


After 18 months of searching, VHS has finally found a new home!

Our space behind 45 West Hastings served us well, but we’ve outgrown it and it is time to move on.  As of June 2013 our new home, affectionately dubbed The Bunker, is at 270 1st Ave E, Vancouver.  The new space is 2800 square feet of ground floor, wheelchair accessible, solid concrete awesomeness.  We share the building with the offices of Kokoro Dance and with Catriona Jeffries Gallery.  The Bunker is on a designated Vancouver bicycle route, it’s an eight minute walk from the Main Street Skytrain station, and it has onsite and free on-street parking.

Stay Away From Lonely Places

Look for this sign

Schedule & Coordination

We’re busy moving this month. Tuesday open nights are still happening and will be very strange. Please follow our mailing list and watch our events calendar to make sure there’s someone at either location when you visit.

The weekend of the 4th we plan to move all the big gear – the fridges, the MAME machine, the couch, the stuff in storage.

The weened of the 11th we plan to move all the less used but still sizeable tools – lathes, desktop CNC, drill press, and so on. We also plan to recycle anything we’re not taking to the new space.

The weekend of the 18th we plan to gut the old space down to the studs. This is where we will need the most people.

And You

We’d love your help to get the new space ready or to move stuff to the new location. Join us for some making, hacking fun!

You can find out more about the move by reading our Wiki page.

If you want to help and can’t be here in person then please donate to help offset our move costs.

VHS needs boxes!
More boxes than you can box a box at. Seriously, it’s a lot. Anything bigger than a fat house cat or a microwave, smaller than a dishwasher.

Friday the 10th is recycle night
Come down and help figure out what we’re getting rid of and how we’re getting rid of it.

Friday the 17th is box & label everything night
If your stuff isn’t out it will be labelled “Property of VHS” because I’m lazy and indifferent.

Saturday the 18th is the big move day!
We’re stripping the space down to the studs and moving every small thing to the new location. Do you have a van, truck, rickshaw, or blimp? We want you!

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One comment on “We’re Moving to VHS 3.0, 270 East 1st
  1. Dan Fornika says:

    This is exciting news. I’m looking forward to checking out the new space.