Entries for December, 2012

NODE.JS WORKSHOP Wednesday, Dec 29th at 7pm

Rescheduled for Saturday December 29th at 7pm   What happens? Node.js is server-side Javascript. It is pretty much the coolest kid on the block these days for web software development. It lets you do all your coding in one language (client-side and server side). Also, Google’s open source V8¬†compiler¬†is so freaking fast, Javascript is now […]

TV-B-Gone soldering class

Sick of TV? Want to learn to solder? Want to make a great stocking stuffer? TV-B-Gone is a universal remote that will turn off any TV within 150 feet. I’ve got twenty kits for sale and I’m offering free soldering training for anyone who orders one. To streamline things in time for the holidays I’m […]

Contribute to VHS’ first X-mas Tree!

tl;dr: come help build VHS’ first christmas tree on Tuesday! Long version: ‘Twas a month before Christmas, when all through the space Not a hacker was stirring, not even to lase; The tools were left on the bench without care, In hopes that St. DanHOC soon would be there; 3D printers were lined up all […]